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  Abelam Yam Headdress Papua New Guinea  
  Ceremonial Abelam Yam Headdress New Guinea  
  Yam Ceremonial Headdress Abelam  
  Abelam Yam Headdress New Guinea  
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Abelam Yam Headdress_0070
  This old Southern Abelam lightwood headdress is known to the people as "notu". Used to
  decorate a ceremonial yam the piece is also known as a headdress used by men in dance.
  With bold pigments applied and a central ancestral face in relief, this piece is a fine example of
  a well used Abelam ceremonial adornment.
Dimensions: 26" x 5"
Location: Abelam, Papua New Guinea, Sepik River Region
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