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ArtDaily - The First Art Newspaper on the Net. News from the art world, and directory of artists, museums, galleries and auctions.....


CMG Books - Specialist in print and out-of-print books on African Art, Oceanic Art and arts of the indigenous peoples of the Americas including Precolumbians and the Inuit.


Tribal Art Magazine - Tribal Art Magazine is an international quarterly magazine dedicated to the arts of Africa,Oceania, Asia and the Americas.


Tribal World Books - Tribal World Books & LukLuk Gallery for books and artefacts on indigenous peoples of the world (Aboriginal, Australia, Africa, Melanesia, Polynesia, Southeast Asia, and North America


Tribal Index - Database of results of tribal art auctions.


Art Trak - Auction Database is a Tribal art resource that is searchable for objects sold at auction between 1980 and the present.


5 Continents Editions - Milan - Publisher of art books










faces of papau new guinea






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