Lower Sepik Dance Mask Papua New Guinea Oceanic Art  
  New Guinea Lower Sepik Dance Mask Tribal Art  
  Dance Mask from the Lower Sepik region of Papua New Guinea  
  well used in ceremonies Lower Sepik Dance Mask  
  Papua New Guinea Mask Lower Sepik River region dance  
  Papua New Guinea Artifact  
Item No: mask_lower_sepik_1104
  An impressive Lower Sepik Dance Mask.  Carved from dense hard wood, this classic mask has the
  distinctive features of the region.  With its large angular nose that rejoins the face above the small
  delicate mouth and it's heavyset brow, the mask is strong in form yet holds a certain mystique.
  Large in scale and with rough incisions upon the outer rim, the mask would have been attached to
  an elaborately created costume upon which a dancer would wear in ceremony.  One remaining glass
  trade ring is evident in the right eye and there appears definite signs of on going use throughout.
Dimensions: 20.5" x 9.5"
Location: Lower Sepik, Papua New Guinea, Sepik River Region
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