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  Abelam Bone Dagger Papua New Guinea  
  Ableam Dagger New Guinea Tribal Art  
  Abelam Bone Dagger New Guinea Tribal  
  Abelam Bone Dagger Papua New Guinea Oceanic Art  
Item No: utensils_abelam_dagger_0762
  A fine classic bone dagger from the Abelam people of the Wosera region. Surmounted by the iconic
  birdlike form that can be seen throughout Abelam art, the dagger also has fine clan etchings
  throughout with a delicate spirit or ancestral face carved into the center.  These etchings are made
  in order to add power and protection to the dagger and its owner.  A very well used pre 1930's piece.
Dimensions: 12.5" x 3.5" x 1"
Location: Abelam, Papua New Guinea, Sepik River Region
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